Top 7 Problems Most Online Marketers Face (Solutions Included)

Talking to a lot of different online marketers and small business owners I kept hearingsimilarissues over and over again. So, the genius that i am i figured, if these people are having these issues then somebody else might as well. Being the type of guy who loves sitting people down and telling them step by step how to fix their online marketing issues led to this post;)

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Lets dive right into it!

1.The Lost Puppy

When I look at some of these guys and gals they look like lost puppies. I'm not saying it's not a good idea to just go ahead and dive right in and learn through mistakes, but you don't want to go into the other side of the spectrum and become the person who catches analysis paralysis. Whetherits email marketing, blog marketing, web 2.0 marketing, always look for the people who are the movers and shakers in your particular field. Onceyou'vefound them, listen, learn, adapt, react, and CONNECT .

2.Not Connecting

What a lot of peopledon'tdo, and it's shocking to me, is they just don't connect. They find knowledgeablepeople and they just sit there and stare, when the realopportunityis building a relationship with the "gurus". A wise man once told me that the best way to improve yourself is constantly doing things outside of your comfort zone ( that in itself is a whole other post). My point is you need to putasidethe fear of humiliation and rejection and just go for it. Send thatpersonan email, a request for a brief interview, or even solicit them for a quick one on one session to get to know them better.

3.Analysis Paralysis

Where do i begin? I am 100% guilty of doing this exact thing. I wanted to learn everything before i even touched on the thought of buying a domain name. I was scared of being humiliated, but i was even more frightened of failing. I've come to learn failing isn't exactly failure if you learn something new. If analasysis paralysis isn't the worst thing you could do to cripple your success, it's definitely up there. Referring to what i said in thebeginning , there's absolutely nothing wrong with diving into a marketing technique and making small adjustments while you learn through experience and through mentors. If you wait you are sure to fail. You may say you're a perfectionist, i say you're aprocrastinator. Always think and do instead of waiting until everybody else reaches their success.


Another action I'm guilty of, and i have a handful of excuses, but in the end the only person that is hurt is me. What i found helpful is sitting down, thinking and writing down everything i wanted to get done. Then I prioritized by importance, and executed ideas. I strongly recommend you reserve an hour or two and come up with a well thought out weekly plan, and make sure to give yourself a deadline to accomplish each goal. Another great system you can put in place is anaccountabilityteam, i have my wife and like- minded friends who keep me accountable to my goals and i do the same for them.


I was listening to one of TonyRobbinspersonal power cds the other day and he was talking about a man whostrivedto be a great speaker, and the catch to this was even though he stuttered everyone listened because he spoke with confidence and passion. Whether your right or wrongdoesn'tmatter as much as if your passionate. This is why it's crucial to be passionate about the product or service your trying to sell because when your passionate it naturally flows into the text and content that you build, and you're more likely to go through the failures when you got a strong WHY. For me the WHY is my family, my wife, and to be able to help others reach their goals and be successful.

6.Getting Traffic

There are really thousands of ways to getting traffic. How much money you want to spend tells you the amount oftechniquesyou're going to be able to utilize (I'm actually working on a product right now to show my visitors the different proven techniques that are 100% free). To make this simple for you guys I will give you a free easy solution get traffic.

I'm not going to lie it's very hard to give you guys just one, but ill give you what i think is one my best methods. Thefree easy solution is a simple youtube videogiving a solution toa common problem within your niche. Example; if you're in the business opportunity niche,thenone common problem you could try to solve isrecruiting. Give it a great headline like"What your upline doesn't want you know about recruiting" or "recruiting secret revealed" hit what ever keywords you want in your video title and make sure to leave a linkback to your website below the video in thedescription area.

For the people that don't want to show their faces this can easily be overcome by using a great FREE online video creator Animoto (click here to register).I strongly recommended this site for people that don't want toinvest their money in camtasia which is is 297$ (strongly recommend if you have the money)

In the end you go where the traffic is , look at the most visited websites (no matter how obvious people do tend to overlook this) . Also look at where your niche goes. If your in the wine niche, then look for some of the most visted websites for wine lovers, and continue to get exposure in those sites.

7. Converting readers into buyers

In order to convert readers into buyers you must first convert them into followers. By a follower i mean you must persuade your reader to become part of your list. There are many ways to do this, but before you can start adding to a list, you must have an auto responder, I personally chose to use Icontact. They have been around for a long time, trusted name and great customer service.

The best way to do this is to give away a great product (an e book, audio, or even a free membership to your site) in return for a name and address, that simple. Another simpler solution would be just to invite them to sign up to your RSS.

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