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Online businesses depend on Electronic Credit Card Processing for their credit card payments. Only this type of payment allows you to attract both impulsive buyers and casual surfers alike. It also assures you that you get payments in a timely fashion.

Electronic Credit Card Processing facilities are able to handle your orders directly through the Internet. This can be a complex task that needs the coordination of many things such as your website, your consumers credit card company, a payment gateway, and an account into which credits are deposited. Electronic card processing is extremely safe and secure, and it provides the best customer service.

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Three major types of electronic credit card processing are available.

  1. Virtual machine that allows manual addition of mail. This is generally done on the web site of the company that processes the payments on your behalf.
  2. The second type involves a simple integration technique that links your site directly to the credit card and bank system.
  3. The third type uses a custom-linking to your system to other more complex systems using a transaction gateway server.

Credit cards can be processed either in real-time or in a collective manner (batch processing) depending on the needs of the vendor. Electronic credit card processing generally has excellent real-time processing speed taking only mere seconds to complete the transaction. The sale is processed instantly and the consumer knows whether or not his card is accepted.

You must keep in mind however; real-time processing has greater risk of fraud, since anybody can use a stolen card before it is reported stolen. One other disadvantage to real time Ecommerce credit card processing is that you cannot accept any order when the electronic credit card processor's server fails. Batch processing is ideal for smaller businesses. Here, many credit card transactions are processed jointly at a later time. The risk of fraud is moderately low.

You will find that many companies offer fast, reliable and safe electronic credit card processing services. Most will work with almost all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

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