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18 August, 2021

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Disgruntled High Court Judge recused himself from a case against BA

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Mr Justice Peter Smith – a High Court judge has recused himself from a case against British Airways after he got into a dispute with the airline over his lost luggage. The High Court Judge demanded an explanation from BA for why the passengers’ luggage had been left off a flight that he and his wife were on earlier this year and asked BA’s legal team, to make enquires and provide him with an answer.

Following the request, BA’s lawyers accused him of bias and requested his removal as the judge in a price-fixing case in which he had been the nominated judge since November 2014.

Mr Justice Peter Smith recused himself to prevent his involvement becoming a distraction, but when passing judgment expressed severe dissatisfaction about how BA managed to lose the plane’s luggage and accused the airline of ‘exploiting’ the situation to have him removed from the case. He said he would investigate the matter in a private capacity with vigor. The matter is being investigated by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office who is unable to comment until the investigation is concluded.

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