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16 August, 2021

Will Writers & Probate Solicitors

Many people delay making a will, but the process is actually quick and inexpensive. If it has fallen you to take care of a friend or relative’s affairs after their death, we can help you to secure probate. Our Wills & Probate expert, Tom Coley can help with all of the following:

  • Making or updating a will
  • Applications for Grants of Probate
  • Applications for Letters of Administration
  • Administration of estates
  • Advice to executors and administrators
  • Inheritance Tax advice
  • Estate planning

We are also happy to deal with the following:

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Acting as attorney
  • Court of Protection matters
  • Inheritance Act applications

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your requirements.

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“Can I say a big thanks to Worthingtons Solicitors for the very good professional advice you have given me over the last few months. Without it, I don’t think I would have received the satisfactory outcome of my divorce and financial matters.” 

Ian A.

“Worthingtons have handled my case for many years and where most would have given up, they persevered even when it got extremely tough! Their patience transformed a nightmare situation and made it humorous and pleasurable!”

John R.

“I’ve come to rely on Worthingtons for their professional advice with unfailing good humour and compassion. I have no hesitation recommending them for all legal matters and fully intend to retain their services for many years.”


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